10 key social media challenges for the contact centre

10 key social media challenges for the contact centre

Over the past decade we have seen a revolution in social media, with our customers now demanding customer service across social channels like Twitter and Facebook. More than that, their expectations are high.

This being the case, we have seen the rise of the social customer service team sitting within the contact centre. But, what are the key challenges for the contact centre and, more importantly, what are the solutions?

1. Monitoring Multiple Channels

Customers can now reach out to you across multiple social channels. The primary social customer service channels are still Twitter and Facebook, but an unattended customer post across Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest can still cause brand damage.

All of these conversations are in the public domain. So, make sure you get a social media monitoring platform that can monitor for brand mentions across all these channels, including blogs, forums and the wider Twitter firehose.

2. Reducing Noise into Relevancy

With all of these social channels, perhaps the real challenge is how to manage the sheer volume of brand mentions. How do we filter out social ‘noise’ and focus on relevancy? How do we identify real customer service issues and prioritise a response?

The solution here is to define a set of keywords and phrases that help classify certain mentions. By using a keyword table, you can automatically identify issues and define a priority setting. Customer service agents can then focus on those higher priority posts.

3. Identifying Top Influencers and Key Customers

We need to understand who the top influencers are within our industry and track whenever they post something about our brand. More importantly, we need to understand who our key customers are and prioritise a response to a specific subset of social profiles.

This can be achieved by creating separate tables of social profiles for influencers and key customers. Workflow can then be created to recognise a mention from one of these profiles, automatically tag it and prioritise that mention within our social customer service queue.

4. Distribute Mentions Effectively

The idea of just lumping a bunch of social mentions into a big pot for our agents to assign to themselves and manage is long gone. Today, we need to recognise certain types of post and distribute effectively and dynamically across a virtual team of agents.

Multiple teams should be created, with multiple agents assigned to each team. Mentions from certain channels or matching specific tables can then be directed at the most appropriate team. Within that team, the mention should then be assigned to the agent with the best chance of responding quickly.

5. How do we Control Agent Engagement?

Social media is in the public domain and we need to keep a tight control on how our agents engage. We may trust some agents more than others. We may even want to restrict certain agents to a subset of carefully vetted responses. How do we reduce the risk of agents posting in the public domain?

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