The trouble with ‘off-the-shelf’ websites

The trouble with ‘off-the-shelf’ websites

I’ve been asked a few times whether ‘off-the-shelf’ templates are any good. The simple answer is yes – but only if you’re a technically savvy creative, that knows what they’re doing 😉

Much like a dress or shirt worn by a mannequin, which looks awesome until you try it on (or is it just me?) website templates have a tendency to look great, until you get your hands on them! Ever wondered what’s required, beyond simply buying a game changing website, off-the-shelf? Allow me to enlighten you…

Once you’ve spent your £50 you get a folder, full of files. Before you can do anything with them, you’re going to need a domain name and some space on a server. There are plenty of public hosting options available, but if you’re using a template with a site builder, you will need a CMS (content managed system) like WordPress, installed, and let’s not forget the database that will need creating to store your content. Then comes the issue of security… CMS’ present a huge target for potential hackers, so if you’re using one and haven’t taken the appropriate steps to safeguard your site from Malware, and such like, there’s a good chance you’ll get hacked. Once this happens your hosting company will quarantine your site until you address the breach… Ouch!

Once your domain name is pointing to the webspace that hosts the database your CMS requires to run (and breathe), you’re ready to upload the folder (full of files) you recently purchased. There will normally be a config file you’ll need to edit, before you can successfully execute the CMS install program – but providing you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty straightforward. Okay – I guess now you’re ready to start building your website – but wait… you’ve never used a site builder before and you’re no web designer… Ahhhhhhh – I guess that’s the catch, but hey-ho, it only cost £50, right?! 😉

If you’re awful at tennis, an expensive racquet isn’t going to make you any better (trust me), and if you’re not good at designing stuff, a template won’t make much of a difference – your website isn’t going to look very good! Granted, a professional costs money, but they will also save you a bunch of time and stress, whilst delivering a great looking site. There are some amazing deals out there, designed to help startups and small businesses. So, if you’re not a web designer, why not find someone who is (enter MWS Agency, atop a white horse). You only get one chance to make a good first impression. If you’re serious about making strides with your business, don’t waste it!

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