Exciting new DigiDesk release scheduled for Q1 launch

Exciting new DigiDesk release scheduled for Q1 launch

2020 has been a challenging year. But, at Midway Sky, we’ve been working hard throughout lock down on our biggest ever DigiDesk update. We have listened to our customers and are now adding an exciting mix of aesthetic and functional improvements, due for release in Q1, 2021.

Look out for a call from your Account Manager to take you through the release in more detail soon. We can set up Skype, MS Teams, Zoom calls and Webexes to bring you up to speed and cover any questions you may  have. Version 4.0 is currently in our test environment, meaning there’s still time to gather feedback before launch.

Aesthetics Upgrades

1. Enhanced Platform Design

Welcome to DigiDesk 4.0. We have implemented a platform wide aesthetic upgrade, enhancing the general look and feel, whilst making key improvements to the UI, to deliver an improved user experience with a host of exciting new features.

2. Analysis Templates / Widgets

All widgets within Analysis have been updated to work more consistently and utilise space more effectively. Users can choose from a newly designed set of templates and populate analysis views with a range of widgets, displaying key metrics and comments in even more detail.

3. New / Updated CSAT Widgets

Specific widgets have been re-designed to display key information seamlessly, within Analysis. These include our new Comments widget, an enhanced Score Breakdown widget, and a complete overhaul of our Bulk Surveys, Reviews and Question Pie widgets.

4. All new Approach to Agent Dashboards

We have developed a new agent specific Bookmark, used to add Agent Dashboards, self-care. Admin users can now configure Agent Dashboards using a unique, singular, template to autonomously generate agent-specific bookmarks for each agent.

5. Daybreak and Midnight skins

One of the key aesthetics upgrades is the introduction of Daybreak and Midnight skins. These are selectable via a toggle within Analysis but can also be defined within Bookmark settings. See an example of our new Midnight skin, below:

Functional Upgrades

1. Data Overview

Data Overview has received a major overhaul! We’ve introduced a number of UI improvements and completely redesigned the page layout to make performing actions and reviewing data, easier than ever.

2. Audit Trail

Audit Trail has received the same general aesthetic and UI upgrades as Data Overview, but we have further optimised specific sections, such as; Bulk Surveys and Transcriptions, to improve functionality and ease-of-use.

3. CSAT Campaign Settings

When it comes to adding and managing CSAT campaigns, our new and improved structure has created a more innovative and user-friendly ‘self-care’ set-up.

4. Agent Profiles / Permissions

At the request of many DigiDesk customers, Agent Permissions have received a comprehensive upgrade, providing a more logical and user-friendly customer experience, where self-care set up and maintenance are concerned.

5. Enhanced Infrastructure

The release of DigiDesk Version 4.0 is underpinned by an extensive upgrade to the infrastructure. All clients will now benefit from enhanced security, resilience, speed and performance, platform-wide.

New / Upgraded MWS Products

Dynamic FAQs

Customers can access help articles from any area of your website via a dynamic FAQs tab, without having to leave the page.

Live Chat Solution

We’ve upgraded our Chat solution to include a live Webchat monitor, with supervisor ‘whisper’ and ‘barge in’ capabilities.

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